Status Quo is DEAD


Times have changed. Wise Omni AKA Wise Omni Group was founded by a large team of the most talented marketing agents, publicist, influencers, grammy nominated producers, and creative geniuses! Wise Omni was started back in 2002 and has evolved as a company over the past 18 years.

2002 – 2005

Wise Omni Group primarily focused on representing brands like: Beach Body, Zumba, Macy’s, and other major clothing, fashion, and jewelry brands. Wise Omni has helped some of the largest companies and brands reach further and engage their target audience through strategic marketing campaigns. Wise Omni began managing artists and influencers in 2005.

Influencer Management

2005 – Current

Wise Omni Group aka Wise Omni began having major success representing international brands with their marketing campaigns and with their sales efforts to BIG Box stores.

In 2005 Wise Omni decided to open a new corporate arm that would also focus on helping & representing artists, actors, models, and social influencers with their careers.

Now in 2020 Wise Omni has grown to one of the largest private networks of both Brands and Influencers on the planet! Meaning We can leverage our connections to strategically introduce Trusted Influencers to Trusted Brands. We help bring amazing business opportunities to both our corporate and influencer clients.