Wise Omni Group partners with thousands of websites all around the U.S. This means we can get a message, or advertisement distributed to any city in a strategically targeted and Omni channel way! Our 3’rd party partnerships consist of: Blogs, News Sites, E-mail lists, estate attorneys, estate sale companies, online marketplace sites, classifieds sites, consulting sites, how to sites, and on.

All Inclusive

Included with any Gold or Platinum Referral Partner Account Wise Omni Does the following:

  1. We Design and Create Advertisements also known as banner ads. See Examples Below:
  2. We give all partners access to login to their own Omni dashboard which will track all of the ads we distribute for you cross all channels.
  3. You get Bi weekly statistics reports which will highlight the amount of traffic Wise Omni is generating, in your city, to these strategically placed ads.

All of this is included with any Gold or Platinum membership account. Separately, our estate consultants talk to estate executors and qualify them as leads. We find out if they are about to sell the House after the estate sale. If they say yes, we then ask if they have a real estate agent… If they say no, or indicate that they need a realtor, Wise Omni Estate Brands facilitates an email introduction between you and the Estate Executor.

Sample Reports We Send

Ad Banner Examples

These are just a few examples of the types of creative banners Wise Omni creates, and distributes online for its referral partners.